Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello World

Hello world!

This blog aims to document the effort of developing a technology startup meetup group in the Philippines.

Philippine Tech Startup Meetup Group is organized to meet the needs of startups, investors and technology entrepreneurs keen on connecting with each other through a series of networking sessions.

The following are welcome to join our meetups:
  • Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders
  • VCs, Angel Investors, Private Equity Firms
  • Developers, Hackers, Programmers, and System Admins
  • CEOs, CTOs and IT/Business Managers
  • Executives at Technology SMEs
  • Web designers, architects and engineers Interactive media
  • Designers and Marketers, Product Managers
  • New Media Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • Community Managers, Content Managers
  • Aspiring Technopreneurs
This group aims to strengthen the collaborative spirit among local technology startups in the Philippines.

It is my hope that by setting up simple meetups, like-minded entrepreneurs would find ways to help each other.

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