Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Initial Logos

Our artist made some logos. (Can you imagine a world without logos?) We'll deliberate on this tomorrow.

Meetup: Roofcamp #8

Today is the second day of the Philippine technology startups meetup page. So far have 14 technopreneurs signed up.

We also have 3 events listed. 

The meetup for this month is organized by Jay Fajardo of Roofcamp. From the site:

What is Roofcamp?
Roofcamp is a venue for future looking, maverick, and fearless individuals sharing and distilling ideas from concept to reality.
Who goes to Roofcamp?
Technopreneurs, influencers, innovators, coders, designers, artists, VCs & Angels, philanthropists, startups, and other like minded individuals.
What goes on?
Roofcamp is an unstructured gathering with a friendly yet intense atmosphere of open information exchange, debate, teaching, learning, and discovery.
What’s up with the beer?
There’s nothing like ice cold beer to fuel the flow of ideas from restless minds.
From the Facebook group, Jay announces the attendance of the following speaker:

Matthew Pontoles, The Startup Experience
"Matthew is the co-founder and a principal partner of Barefoot Investments LLC, an SME venture specialist focused on green and ethical businesses. He is a published author and experienced practitioner in offshore finance, having lived and worked in the Caribbean for 3 years. In London he spent four years building and managing large sales teams for a PLC publishing house before establishing Barefoot Investments. Matthew now resides full time in Asia and oversees the start-up phase of Barefoot’s new ventures. Two of these include an eco-luxe private island development in Palawan and the Little Green Hub – a serviced office facility and boutique business hub for dynamic businesses, ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs."
Sign up for Roofcamp #8 here. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello World

Hello world!

This blog aims to document the effort of developing a technology startup meetup group in the Philippines.

Philippine Tech Startup Meetup Group is organized to meet the needs of startups, investors and technology entrepreneurs keen on connecting with each other through a series of networking sessions.

The following are welcome to join our meetups:
  • Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders
  • VCs, Angel Investors, Private Equity Firms
  • Developers, Hackers, Programmers, and System Admins
  • CEOs, CTOs and IT/Business Managers
  • Executives at Technology SMEs
  • Web designers, architects and engineers Interactive media
  • Designers and Marketers, Product Managers
  • New Media Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • Community Managers, Content Managers
  • Aspiring Technopreneurs
This group aims to strengthen the collaborative spirit among local technology startups in the Philippines.

It is my hope that by setting up simple meetups, like-minded entrepreneurs would find ways to help each other.